• Applications

    Discount for Early Registrations before 15th May

    Deadline for applications is 25th May, details below.





Extra nights are available in the William R Miller accommodation: charged at £35 per person per night



Funding Schemes

EU based students may be able to claim travel and accommodation funding for this summer school from FuseNet.
Registration before the summer school is required. Visit http://www.fusenet.eu/funds for more details.

Fee waiver for applicants from low HDI countries
We may be able to waive the registration fee (£440) for a few students originating from countries with a Human Development Index (HDI) value below 0.8.
Please send a CV and a supporting statement from your academic supervisor to andrew.wise@ukaea.uk by the 16th March 2018 for consideration. Preference will be given to students from countries with the lowest HDI and most relevant background.
The Human Development Index (HDI) is a metric devised and calculated by the United Nations Development Programme. See the following link for more details http://hdr.undp.org/en/countries